Camps / Courses

Survival Courses for kids and adults

In this course we teach how to survive with the things nature provides for us.

Some of our activities:

  • Primitive Fire Making
  • Urban Fire Making
  • Water Filtration
  • Shelter Building
  • Basket Weaving
  • Traps Building
  • Tracking of Animal Foodprints
  • Orientation
  • Cooking on the Open Fire

Fire Making

In this day experience we learn how to make a save fire even in wet conditions.

What we learn:

  • How to make a fire save
  • What are good firestarters
  • Primitive Fire Making
  • Urban Fire Making
  • Fire even in wet conditions
  • Fire which keeps us warm all night

Survival Hike

In this hike we are out in nature for 3 days with just the essential tools on us. We practice on hand how to build our camp for the night, cook over the open fire and get from nature what we need.
This is an exclusive course up to 5 adults. Physical requirement: Medium. Walking between 10km – 15km a day.

What we learn:

  • Setting up camp
  • Finding water, filtration of water
  • Cooking on the open fire
  • Sleeping under the open sky
  • Reading and listening to Nature
  • Basic survival rules and skills

Bow Building

In this course you will craft your own bow out of a piece of wood. You spend a weekend on our land, sleeping in a tent and learn about bow building and archery. Age limit 12+.

What we learn:

  • What wood is good for bows
  • Crafting your own bow (hickory or manau)
  • Crafting your string
  • Crafting of arrows
  • Basic knowledge about archery
  • Shooting with your own bow

Camps for schools or groups

We organize camps around the theme NATURE for school classes or bigger groups.

Get in touch with us and we organize a camp for your group which is designed just for you

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