Sponsorship of an olive tree

The tree sponsorship costs €130 and includes 6l of olive oil from our trees and a certificate with a photo of “your tree”. When ordering, you can give us a name for your tree (in the Order Notes field when entering the address!) and give this certificate to your loved ones or put it under the Christmas tree.
Your sponsorship is valid for exactly one year and is not automatically renewed. No subscription, no cancellation necessary!

In March/April 2024 we will send the olive oil from this year’s harvest to Austria, where it will be distributed or delivered directly to your home (we currently deliver to Austria and Germany).


6l of olive oil


€ 130.- (excl. shipping)


Certificate with picture and name of the tree.

Yes, I would like to sponsor an olive tree for 1 year (2023/24).

Ja, ich möchte eine Patenschaft für einen Olivenbaum für 1 Jahr übernehmen.

After you have sent the form, you will receive an order confirmation via e-mail. Since this is not yet an automated process, this can take up to 24 hours. In the order confirmation you will find all other information about payment, shipping, etc.

Nachdem Sie das Formular abgesendet haben, bekommen Sie eine Bestellbestätigung via E-Mail zugesendet. Da dies noch kein automatisierter Prozess ist, kann dies bis zu 24h dauern. In der Bestellbestätigung finden Sie alle weiteren Angaben zu Zahlung, Versand, etc.

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