About us

We, an Austrian family with two children, enjoy the simple, slow-paced life in the Portuguese Alentejo. The office chairs and regulated working hours have been exchanged for all sorts of tools and activities that enrich our hearts. We spend most of our time outside, but above all we have the opportunity to spend it together here.

We have come closer to the rhythm of nature and thus also to ourselves.

Equilibrio means equilibrium.

The right balance is needed so that the arrow hits its target, the relationship between warp and weft threads is right, our relationships are harmonious, and health and happiness prevail.

Finding, maintaining and rediscovering the right balance in life with all its facets is important to us and gives us stability.

The ups and downs, the back and forth is part of our lives.

With us you can shift down a gear, make new experiences and define your personal balance.

Life´s a beach, enjoy the waves

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