Bow Building for Teens

Experience some fascinating days around bow and arrow. We will learn how to make a huntable bow out of a piece of wood. We will use hickory to build the bow.

The course takes place on our land in Torrão, Alcacer do Sal and is limited to 5 teenagers (12-18 years).
In our workshop we have all the equipment to build your longbow. You will sleep in your tent and we will provide you with meals and beverage. We have two bathrooms with shower and compost-toilet. A lake in front of our door to swim and cool down, enjoy pure nature and observe the wildlife will make the weekend real special!

What you will learn:
> step by step building of a bow out of a stave
> building a bow string
> building of arrows
> shooting with your handmade bow and arrows

What you need:
> tent, sleeping mat, sleepingbag, towel, soap

For whom is this course:
This course is for bow building novices (adults and kids). You should be over 12 years old -depending the wood-working skills. If you are unsure if your kid can attent, please contact me.

When & Where:
Friday 28. May(16.00h) – Sunday 30. May 2021 (16.00h)
Torrão, Alcacer do Sal

€ 190.- including material and food.

Book your bow-building experience here
After filling out the registration, you recieve detailed information about location and payment

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