Fire Days in Torrão

Fire Days in Torrão
8th of January 2023 &
5th of February 2023

In our two FIRE DAYS we explore the methods of PRIMITIVE (8.1.23) and URBAN(5.2.23) fire making methods!

Primitive fire building skills are those skills focusing on starting fires without matches, lighters, or an excess of lighter fluid. They can be the difference between life and death in any sort of unexpected situation where the need to start a fire arises, but the ordinary supplies are not on hand, or even fail.

Matches are great, but if you get them even a bit damp, perhaps as you pull a co-adventurer out after they fall through the ice, they won’t even sputter.

There are more than 20 ways of PRIMITIVE FIRE MAKING METHODS.

In our PRIMITIVE FIRE DAY we explore some of them, like the bow drill, inuit fire making method, bamboo saw or the Ötzi fire.

On our urban fire making day we learn how to make fire with things that surround our daily life. A glass bottle, chewing gum paper with a battery or even an empty cellphone battery.

On both days you will learn the essentials of how to make fire without any equipment, which tinder sources you can use and how to set up and maintain a save fire even in wet conditions.

11.00h arrival
11.30h introduction in how to make fire
12.30h lunch
14.00h learning different fire making methods with practice
16.00h small snack at the campfire and end of the day

What you need?
– shoes and clothes for the outdoors
– waterbottle to stay hydrated
– knife with fixed blade (you can also buy one at the camp €20.-)
– curiosity
– bring good weather 😉

What is included?
– lunch (all meals are vegeterian
– small snack at the campfire
– all working materials

For whom is it?
– kids and adults all ages
– no prior knowledge neccesary

Price for one day
– € 35.- per person
– € 120.- family ticket (2 parents, 2 kids)

Price for both days (combined ticket)
– € 60.- per person
– minus 5% for the family ticket

Book your FIRE experience now!

After booking you receive all the informations and your invoice via email (please also check your spam).

You have further questions? Please contact us. We are happy to hear from you! See you soon!

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